USBKill 3 Pro Kit vs Samsung Note 8

USBKill 3 Pro Kit vs Samsung Note 8

Samsung's Note 8 is the latest flagship smartphone to hit the market. Samsung's last phones were vulnerable to the USB Kill v3 - have things changed with their new device? Have they protected users against the power-surge attack?'s technicians did a comprehensive, end to end test of the new device - unboxing, testing, and verifying:


According to our tests, the Samsung Note 8 is vulnerable. However, it's not all bad news for Samsung:

  • The USB Kill instantly disabled the data lines (unable to perform transfers between the computer and the phone)

  • The USB Kill instantly disabled fast-charge (meaning the phone can only perform a slow-charge)

  • In extended testing, something very strange happened: the original charger (Samsung charger) - lost its ability to charge the device, but the computer and other chargers worked. This is probably due to the fact that the fast- charge ability was lost.

However, the phone was not completely killed. 

Could Samsung have prevented this problem for its consumers with simple testing? Absolutely.

We also made a quick summary video, if you don't want to watch the entire thing:

Let us know your thoughts on the test - and get ready as we prepare to get our hands on the iPhone 8 and iPhone X !

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