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From Sept 16 - Sept 20 - Save 10% on all USBKill Products, and 25% on the new NFCKill Pro & Standard.

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From June 21 to June 24 get 10% off storewide on your USB Killers.

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Happy Saint Patrick's day my friends! today we're all Irish, aren't we? 
Sadly we can't offer u a beer but... we can give u a 15% discount :)
From March 17 to March 21 we're running a huge 15% discount storewide, don't miss out.

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Hey guys, it is Chinese national day Holidays! 

Get an extra 10% OFF storewide from sept 29 to oct 5.

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USB Kill 프로 킷 포장은 처음부터 다시 디자인 되어 전 세계적으로 펜 테스터들의 욕구를 충족시킵니다. 확인 해 보세요..

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