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Our traditional Chinese new year promotion is running from January 20 to January 29 we're running a huge 10% discount storewide, don't miss out. During the holiday, our logistic partners will be closed from January 20 to January 29 - but all orders are shipping up to and after this break.



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From June 21 to June 24 get 10% off storewide on your USB Killers.

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Hey guys, it is Chinese national day Holidays! 

Get an extra 10% OFF storewide from sept 29 to oct 5.

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사이버 먼데이의 미친 짓 입니다. 저희는 15% 프로모션을 사이트 전역에서 실행합니다- USB Killer & USB Killer 테스트기를 15%할인된 가격으로 드립니다!

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블랙 프라이데이를 맞아 USB Killer와 USB Killer 테스트기를 15%할인해 드립니다!

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